ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– When it comes to school threats across the county, the National Association of School Resource Officers said they’re through the roof.

According to its executive director, Mo Canady, Gun related incidents in particular on or around school campuses have increased from August to October of this year.

“Those were up around 300 percent from where they were in that same time frame in 2019,” said Canady.

Even though every threat is different, Canady said the spike in threats can partially be blamed on the pandemic and societal issues happening in our county.

Locally this week, a 15 year-old was charged with a felony for making a terroristic threat against the Greater Amsterdam School District on social media.

According to Amsterdam Police, the teen was processed and released, having been referred to the Montgomery County Probation Department for an appearance at a later date.

The school released a post on its website saying in part, “The threat was not credible, but nevertheless, there are consequences for making such threats. Parents should reinforce this message with their children.”

Canady said parents need to help their kids understand the severity of making a threat.

“And not just the consequences, but the overall aspect of right and wrong has to come into play here,” said Canady. “I know that sounds simplistic, but parents really need to know what’s going on with their kids in regards to their social media accounts, any of their digital media that they got going on, they have to know what’s happening.”