GREEN ISLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The name of the teen killed in a crash in Green Island has been released.

Brandon Sylvester, 17, was killed crossing 787 with a group of other teens. Three other teens were hit as well, according to police.

According to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, a driver hit the four teens as they crossed the street coming back from getting slushies and coffee. He says the driver had a green light but had a suspended license and was not the owner of the car.

A vigil was held on Green Island Tuesday night to honor the teens.

“I was supposed to go to go prom with him,” Carissa Garipepy said. “Now I’m not gonna get to do that. He had such a bright future.”

The crash was a devastating shock to the community. For the students at Heatly School, Tuesday was the first day back since the tragedy.

“The day was solemn at points,” Superintendent Kimberly Ross said. “The students really rallied together with the support of their teachers remembering Brandon, creating posters, doing remembrance as well as get well wishes for the other students that were injured.

With only 280 students in the entire district, the superintendent says the school is like a family. At the vigil, a majority of people wore #GreenIslandStrong t-shirts with the word “family” written across the front of it.