CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – We’re sorry to disappoint local ghost hunters that a mysterious photo of a little girl in Cambridge is not a spirit.

The blurry photo went viral after being passed around on Facebook, many people speculating she was a ghost.

It was the photo that had so many people wondering, was this proof that ghosts exist? Well, at least in this case, it’s not true.

The image was snapped from a field camera late March in Washington County.

The property owner didn’t recognize the little girl so she took it to Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell who says by that time, the photo had spread like wildfire on Facebook.

The chief says he received calls from national media outlets and emails from psychics and mediums claiming they could help the young spirit cross over to the other side. Then came a phone call–from the little girl’s grandfather.

“I don’t want to give a name until we verify it but it’s a local businessman in southern Washington County who says around the time frame that this picture was taken that he and his granddaughter were walking a four-wheeler path,” Chief Bell said.

Word gets around in a small town, and we now know the grandfather is Chic Wilson the owner of Willard Mountain ski resort in Greenwich.

“Some people were really hoping this was a ghost story,” Wilson said. “I absolutely do.”

Chic says he had no idea the photo was causing such a sensation until Tuesday when someone taped a copy of the photo to his door.

Chief Bell says he’s happy to just put the story to rest.