ALBANY, N.Y (NEWS10) -The Muslim Community of the Greater Albany area came to the Capitol asking for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. As more lives are lost on both sides, advocates of human rights came with demands for those in power.

“To bring attention to our cause both at the state and the federal level. So that our elected officials can see the pain and suffering of the people of Gaza. That is why we are here,” said Vice President of the Latham Al-Hidaya Center, Taiymoor Naqi.

So far in the conflict that was ignited by the militant group Hamas three weeks ago, more than 1,400 people have died on the Israeli side, and an estimated 8,000 Palestinians have died. Protestors say peace is most important as citizens and children are caught in the crossfire.

“The mass killing of civilians, over 7,000 dead, and we came here because we want to stand up for justice for these people,” explained Organizer, Hosam Hamed.

Protesters like Naqi say people in Gaza are without necessities. “We are here peacefully demonstrating in order to call for a ceasefire. In order to call for critical supplies, medicine, food, and clothing to be delivered to the people of Gaza.

As Muslims in the local community pray for peace on both sides, Haman has one simple message. “To be the true Islam, we stand against all of this killing and we want freedom for our brothers and sisters.”

This weekend, the largest aid convoy was sent to Gaza, but humanitarian workers say more is still needed as this war continues. There are still 229 Israeli hostages being held by Hamas.