(NEWS10)- The most searched 90s Christmas movies tell stories about kids left home alone and Halloween characters kidnapping Santa in order to take over Christmas, albeit unsuccessfully. It comes down to a handful of movies that have been cemented in pop culture.

Home Alone is the most popular in New York, along with 13 other states. It’s also the most popular on CenturyLinkQuote’s list. They explain how they were able to find out what the most popular 90s Christmas Movies were nationwide.

“We compiled a list of the 60 most popular 90s Christmas movies based on data gathered from PopSugar, Bustle, Ranker, and ScreenRant. We then found each show’s search volume in Semrush and plugged the 13 most searched shows into Google Trends to see which show was googled most by each state in the past 12 months,” they said.

The top five movies on the ’90s list

  1. Home Alone
  2. Jingle All the Way
  3. The Santa Clause
  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  5. Dumb and Dumber

Check out each state’s favorite 90s Christmas movie on the map below:

Source: CenturyLinkQuotes