GANESVOORT, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The park where a nine year old girl was abducted on Sunday has now reopened with authorities making safety improvements.

Moreau Lake state park is back open now, just a few days after a child was abducted here. She’s back home safely now, and park authorities are hoping some new  measures will make people feel comfortable returning here.


Opening day at Lake Moreau. But there wasn’t much fanfare, just the stillness of a quiet autumn afternoon. Cars trickling through the front entrance bit by bit. The presence of police and a new security camera clearly on display there as well. Officials at the park hope these elements can drive home a message: The park is safe. 

New Jersey couple Kate and Scott Hammel came to the park for the first time with their dog to enjoy the foliage. They were staying in the area when everything unfolded!

“It’s pretty crazy. I mean our Airbnb was five minutes away from where she went missing so it was kind of surreal in a little bit scary yeah we were kind of a little bit shaken up about it.” said Kate.

But Scott was relieved to come here, upon the news the abducted child was rescued:

“When it was announced that she was returned safely and everything obviously it was a little bit more easy in your mind and everything and obviously that’s great news, but I had no hesitation coming out here. It’s a beautiful day 75°” he said.

State park officials hope Scott’s attitude will translate to others. 

The Commissioner released a statement saying “We thank all the agencies and volunteers involved in [the victim’s]* safe return including Park Police, New York State Police, DEC, FBI, rangers and park staff who worked day and night Saturday through Monday to bring this terrible situation to a close.”

There’s kind of a peace here today. Manny Coucerio, his wife and dog drove up from Connecticut also for the foliage. He’s determined to enjoy the beautiful day despite the ugly events earlier in the week.

“What happened is really really bad and it’s unfortunate. I mean in every possible way and my heart goes out to everybody but you can’t shelter inside forever. You’ve got to enjoy life and deal with the hard times and enjoy the good times”, said Manny.

Park officials say they will conduct a thorough review of the kidnapping incident. They said they will also identify any areas where they can make safety improvements.