HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Nine school Washington County Sheriff’s Office investigating school bomb threats early April 4, putting those schools and the Sheriff’s Office on high alert. Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy said the threats were demanding a ransom and that bombs were placed in school buildings. None of these threats were credible. 

Murphy said they take each threat seriously, sweeping each building with K-9s trained to sniff out explosives.

“We still want to make sure we go to the schools,” Murphy said. “We have the resources with the explosives detecting dogs so we will use them and go through the schools and make sure they’re safe and that’s the process we’ll take for any schools that receive these types of threats.” 

The threats causing districts like Hudson Falls Central School District to go on a two hour delay and other districts to close. 

Murphy said swatting calls like this have increased over the years, but calls demanding ransom with cryptocurrency are posing a different threat. “It’s been going on for quite a while, especially the Bitcoin type of call like this,” Murphy said. “Dates back to when Bitcoin first became currency because it’s difficult to track.”  

Hudson Falls Superintendent Daniel Ward said this is the first ransom threat they’ve received, but they treat all threats equally. With students experiencing heightened rates of anxiety, Ward said these threats can negatively impact students and their focus at school. 

“This doesn’t help that, it actually compounds the situation for some people,” Ward said. “We’re aware of that and make sure our counselors are available today for students and staff members who can talk about it.” The investigation into these threats is ongoing.