ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Community members hope to get more police presence in the Pine Hills section of Albany after a man was gunned down outside a corner store. While the shooting was isolated, for community members like Bajradhar Bajracharya, it hits too close to home.

“I see most of the students are scared of the violence and they don’t want to come back,” Bajracharya said.

Bajracharya has owned the late-night convenience store, 212, for a couple of years. Despite most students heading home for the summer, he’s concerned about the safety of those who’ve stayed in the area.

“I hear from the students. So if there are no students, there’s no business,” Bajracharya said.

Despite the Pine Hills neighborhood being considered a relatively safe area, the store owner said college students are worried about the recent violence.

The store owner wants a greater police presence. 

“One of the officers called me to talk. I see they are having more concern about the violence and controlling it,” Bajracharya said.

A 2020 campus safety report from The College of St. Rose lists mostly drug and theft crimes in the area. There are no violent crimes like the isolated shooting early Sunday morning killing Devin McGlothan. 

“We need to take action immediately,” said Councilman Owusu Anane. 

Anane said the incident was a robbery between acquaintances. He wants to make sure the violence seen across the city doesn’t seep into his neighborhood. 

“Neighbors have been calling me, stopping me in the streets, talking about what they’re seeing. It’s quite frankly unacceptable,” Anane said. 

The councilman’s pushing for more patrols and security cameras for the area. The added protection is something he hopes will make the neighborhood safer for students unaware of their surroundings. 

“I am optimistic that with additional resources from the state and also from the sheriff’s department, we will curb the gun violence we are witnessing in our city,” Anane said.