ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — July 20 was National Moon Day, commemorating the moon landing in 1969. A report from found that the idea that the iconic event was faked is among the top conspiracy theories in New York.

The conspiracy claims that the Apollo moon landing was part of a Cold War publicity stunt and that the Apollo space program was a hoax. The team at analyzed google search trends and volumes from the past decade, breaking down the top searched theories from each state.

The Moon Landing conspiracy was an honorable mention alongside the HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) being responsible for global catastrophes and Area 51 being the testing site for alien technology. The HAARP theory revolves around military weapons may be responsible for weather-related disasters across the world. The Area 51 plot has been popular for decades, most notably mentioned in the fictional, popular TV series “The X-Files.”

Jim Thornton, owner of the X-Files Preservation Collection, the world’s largest assortment of archives from the “The X-Files” in Saratoga Springs, said he doesn’t like the term “conspiracy theory.” He said it makes people sound like they’re crazy or untrusting.

“It’s a type of label that makes for stereotypes,” Thornton said. “I believe in the moon landing, it probably happened. Technology was really primitive back then [in the 1960s].”

With his knowledge of “The X-Files,” Thornton finds Area 51 and UFOs as interesting topics. “It’s entertainment,” he said. “Anything is possible, and everybody has opinions.”

According to the Kansas consumer information portal, the top five conspiracy theories in America are:

  1. 9/11 was planned/an inside job
  2. Denver Airport is home to the New World Order
  3. The Illuminati is real, runs the world
  4. JFK’s assassination was a cover-up/inside job
  5. COVID-19 is a hoax