AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Residents in Amsterdam could see some water issues over the next few weeks. According to city officials, the flushing of water mains will take place between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. every weekday, starting the week of Monday, October 3, for about four weeks.

The city said residents may encounter discolored or dirty water after the flushing is complete. This condition will dissipate, officials said, if you turn on your cold water through all interior faucets for awhile and flush out the discolored water.

The maintenance is done to improve and maintain long-term water quality and minimize discoloration. If you have any questions about the process, call the City’s Department of Public Works at (518) 842-3691.

Flushing schedule for Week One:

  • Monday, October 3:
    • Ellsworth St., Frances St., Crescent Ave., Clizbe Ave. between City line and Northern Blvd., Hewitt St., Northern Blvd., Austin St., Rockton St., Finlay St., Wilbur St., Locust Ave. between Clizbe Ave. and Lyon St., Lindsay St., Smyrna St., Lyon St.
  • Tuesday, October 4:
    • Clizbe Ave. between Northern Blvd. And Woodrow Rd., First St., Second St., Sloane Ave., Clark Ave., Fourth St., Third St., Forest Ave. between Lyon St. and Fourth St., Woodridge Rd., Wilton Rd., Woodrow Rd., Woodrow Loop, Sanford Ave. between Law Pl. and Forest Ave., McCleary Ave. between Sloane Ave. and Law Pl., McNeir Ave. between Sloane Ave. and Law Pl., Cochrane Ave. between Sloane Ave. and Law Pl., Smith Ave. between Sloane Ave. and Law Pl. and Devendorf St.
  • Wednesday, October 5:
    • Clizbe Ave. between Woodrow Rd. and Regina Ln., Stella Ln., Peter Ln., Jonathan Ln., Bylina Ln., Regina Ln., Village Lane North, Village Lane East, Village Lane West, Sanford Ave. between Law Pl. and Clizbe Ave., McCleary Ave. from Law Pl. to Sanford Ave., McNeir Ave. from Law Pl. to Sanford Ave., Smith Ave. from Law Pl. to Sanford Ave. and Cochrane Ave. between Law Pl. and Sanford Ave., Law Pl., Charles Lane
  • Thursday, October 6:
    • Clizbe Ave. between Regina Ln. and Church St., Virginia Ln., Church Street between Clizbe Ave. and Edson St., Crouse St., Hawk St., Vrooman Ave. between Edson St. and Crane St., Wren St., Brice St., Van St., Julia St., Lodge St., Catherine St., Gorski St., Crane St., Lenox St., Chopin Pkwy., Conrad Pl., Kopernik Blvd., Young Ave.
  • Friday, October 7:
    • Forest Ave. between Fourth St. and Church St., Bigelow Ave., Locust Ave. between Van Derveer St. and Prospect St., Harding Rd., McKinley Ave., Harrison Ave., Garfield Pl., Roosevelt Rd., Park St., Grand St., Milton Ave., Fourth Ave., Third Ave., Van Derveer St., Belmont Pl., Merrill Ave., Willow St., Second Ave., First Ave., Taft Pl., Hayes Pl.