AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In our increasingly connected world, scams are on the rise. While we may know to shy away from sketchy links online, phone scams can be very convincing because they pry at our feelings of trust toward others—especially public officials, like the Chief of Amsterdam Police.

In the most recent scam plaguing the Montgomery County city, police say residents have been called from (518) 842-1100—the number associated with the Amsterdam Police Department. The man on the other line quickly identifies himself as Chief of Police John Thomas, police said, and then asks for money. The scammer goes on to say that, if he doesn’t get the cash, a warrant will be issued for the victim’s arrest.

“Anyone receiving a phone call like this should immediately hang up,” a spokesperson for the police department said on Thursday. If you are ever called by someone who says they are Amsterdam Police, authorities say to hang up and call the station at (518) 842-1100. Speak with the on-duty personnel there, who can help you.