PALATINE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Just before 10 a.m. on Thursday, Chief Nestle of the Canajoharie Volunteer Fire Department noticed heavy black smoke north of the Village of Palatine Bridge. Upon investigating, he found a barn fully involved on Route 10 in the Town of Palatine.

As Chief Nestle was trying to radio dispatch, he was told that they were already aware of the blaze. Dispatchers were advised the barn was fully involved.

Chief Nestle then asked the Fort Plain Fire Department for mutual aid and requested tankers from Ephratah Fire Department. As the fire started to make its way toward next-door buildings, the St. Johnsville, Ames, and Rural Grove Fire Departments were asked to bring their tankers to the scene.

There was no damage to the nearby buildings, according to fire officials. No injuries were reported to firefighters or civilians.

Also on the scene to assist were the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, Montgomery County Fire Coordinators, Montgomery County Emergency Management, Canajoharie Water Department, and Greater Amsterdam Volunteer Ambulance Corps (GAVAC).

Wadsworth Construction pulled the tin off the rubble pile and pulled the hay apart so that firefighters could help cool the debris down and the Amish could get the cleanup started. Work is expected to start on a new barn by the end of next week.

Hearing of the tragedy, Bartlett’s BBQ food truck took action. The popular trailer had extra dinners at the end of the night Thursday and decided to give them to the Amish family that lost their barn earlier in the day.

“It was good to see how appreciative they were,” a spokesperson for the food truck said on Facebook. “They started crying when we gave the dinners to them!”