FULTONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Sheriff Jeffery Smith of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office announced that new technology has been successfully implemented by their 911 dispatch center. The state-of-the-art system will bolster emergency response capabilities and improve public safety throughout Montgomery County.

The system, called Prepared Live 911, drastically enhances the way dispatchers receive and process emergency calls by providing real-time data from smartphone callers. The revolutionary technology transmits crucial information to the dispatch center, by sending out precise location details, live video feeds, pictures, and other relevant statistics.

This data allows dispatchers to make more informed decisions and quickly assign appropriate resources. The deployment of the new system reinforces Montgomery County’s dedication to the safety of residents and first responders by equipping dispatchers with the means to handle a wide range of emergencies and criminal activities.

The Sheriff’s Office stated that since its implementation, there have already been calls for service that the new technology has assisted in. The system has helped locate missing persons by providing images to staff immediately, which in turn allowed cases to be resolved with haste.