FORT HUNTER, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Montgomery County NY Emergency Services is reporting a fire that occurred in Fort Hunter Tuesday night, which was caused by a lithium-ion battery used for an RC car. In light of the fire, the organization is releasing safety pointers when handling lithium-ion batteries.

  • Use devices promoted by a qualified testing laboratory
  • Carefully read and follow instructions given by a manufacturer for specific devices
  • Use specific batteries designed for a specific device, do not use incompatible batteries
  • Insert batteries correctly into devices
  • Charge devices in safe locations
  • Avoid overcharging
  • Store batteries at room temperature
  • Identify signs of problems early, signs include a change in color, an odor, excessive heat, change in shape, leaking, or noises.

When recycling lithium-ion batteries, it’s best to take them to a recycling location or contact your local community for proper disposal instructions. Store them safely until you can properly dispose of them.