NEW YORK (PIX11) — A New York mother shared her pain Thursday after her 14-year-old son was grazed by a bullet fired through the windshield of an MTA bus. It happened at about 10 a.m. Thursday, ultimately threatening the lives of every person aboard.

Police said the suspects who fired the shots were aiming for the teen. His mother—we’ll call her Maggie, as she fears retaliation—said he’d left home minutes earlier to catch the M1 bus. “He saw them and they looked suspicious,” Maggie said. “As he was boarding the bus, they opened fire. My phone started ringing a few minutes later, and it was my son, and he told me he had been shot.”

“After looking at some video, I can say right now, it looks intentional to me,” said NYPD Inspector Peter Fiorillo. One of the bullets grazed the boy’s head. The other struck a metal safety bar inside the bus, which likely saved the bus driver’s life.

Residents are incensed and overwhelmed. The NYPD has recorded at least 100 non-fatal shootings involving teens this year alone. “That’s my baby. This is too much,” Maggie said. “They almost killed my son.”

Iesha Sekou, CEO and founder of the anti-gun violence organization Street Corner Resources, says any solution to curbing gun violence must reach young people before their teenage years. “These beefs are getting bigger and bigger, going on for longer periods of time and more brazen, and happening during daylight hours,” she said. “Peer pressure is heavy for our young people. None of these kids are bad kids. They don’t start out that way.”

Maggie’s son was treated and released from the hospital Thursday. She said she doesn’t believe the shooting was gang-related and that her son says he isn’t involved in gang activity.