Mom shamed for breastfeeding at Boy Scout meeting


MURFREESBORO,Tenn. (WKRN) – A Tennessee woman said she was shamed after breast-feeding her child at her son’s Boy Scout meeting.

Jasmine Millar has breast-fed her children at scouting events for the past three years and there hasn’t been an issue until now.

Two weeks ago, she says a female troop leader tried to stop her from feeding her 1-year-old.

“I was continuously told that I was inappropriate,” said Millar. “I don’t understand what’s inappropriate about feeding your child.”

Millar went to the Middle Tennessee Council, which oversees her son’s Boy Scout troop.

She received a letter asking that she cover up or leave the room if she needs to breast-feed at a scout meeting because “some scouts and/or families are simply uncomfortable with public breast-feeding.”

She says she was feeding her youngest son in the back of the room and that her breast was covered using the two-shirt method. That’s when a top shirt is pulled up and a shirt that’s worn underneath is pulled down to expose the nipple so the child can eat.

“I was very shocked at their response,” said Millar. “They’re asking me to violate my legal rights to breast-feed.”

Women are legally allowed to breast-feed in public in Tennessee. But according to the Tennessee Department of Health, the state’s breast-feeding rate is below the national average.

Also, only 15 percent of moms in the state breast-feed until the age recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which is 12-months-old.

“You see what happens when you do breast-feed?” asked Millar. “You get blasted for breast-feeding your child.”

The Middle Tennessee Council released a statement on the matter:

Scouting members are always encouraged to treat all people in a courteous manner. We are continuing to evaluate this matter, and will treat all parties with dignity and respect. Though the BSA does not have an official policy or a position on this matter, our intent is to facilitate an amicable resolution to this matter for the benefit of the Scouting unit.”

The online group “Nashville Moms” say they’re planning a nurse-in at the Middle Tennessee Council on June 18.What others are clicking on:

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