SALEM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People living in the town of Salem have to drive 30 miles to Glens Falls Hospital.

The hospital has run a clinic in town that served as the main primary care resource for people there for a long time. That program does some things, but a new option has rolled into town to expand Salem’s options.

Hudson Headwaters Health Network has had a new mobile health center in town this summer, occupying the parking lot at the town courthouse on Mondays and Tuesdays since June.

The 40-foot RV contains two exam rooms, a testing lab and a nurse practitioner ready to serve as primary care for local families. The goal is to serve as those families’ main family physicians, even after the center heads elsewhere.

The staff aboard the RV say that Salem neighbors will ride their bikes up and say hello to staff waiting outside, and have even brought fresh produce.

Salem Town Supervisor Sue Clary says that having a resource like this is huge for the town, where not everyone drives.

Not everyone has high-speed internet, either, which has made word of mouth the most powerful tool in making the new health center in town feel like part of the town.

Hudson Headwaters is set to purchase a second health center unit sometime in 2022. The plan then will be to have one serve the southern end of HHHN’s coverage area, including Saratoga and southern Washington counties, and the other will be deployed in the Adirondacks.