SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – From the Story of Sound to the exhibit of Play – the Museum of Innovation and Science has officially reopened but with firm safety protocols in place.

“We tried to close up some of the interactives that we couldn’t properly clean, but we wanted to keep, that’s what really engage his kids,” President of MiSci, Gina Gould, said. “So, he created these boxes, it’s a safe space and you can come and get a box and play with these various different things and then we take these boxes and sanitize them overnight.”

Masks required and hand sanitizer on deck, visitors can explore a retro look back on how we used other items besides our phones to play with.

“Looking at this tricycle from 1870 to 1880 it had wooden wheels, can you imagine what rough ride that was?” Gould said. “It was direct drive the petals are attached directly to the front wheel, so there’s no gears but it got people around.”

For a flashback, the Story of Sound showcases the progression of audio, video and overall communication throughout the years.

“It Used to be part of her furniture. You defined your living room by the accoutrements that you had and if you look back over there we’re gets really high tech,” Gould said in regards to the exhibit. “I mean, we’ve come a long way. Now everything is on our phone.”