TROY, N.Y. (NEWS 10) – Police shut down all floors of Hedley Park Place after it was vandalized over the weekend. Monday, people doing official business with the city had to turn around and leave as the sign on the door said, “City Hall Closed.”

“Oh! The one day I make it down here,” said one person who was unable to enter.

Maria Decker, River Street Market manager, was one of the first to enter the building Monday morning.

“When we got here this morning the police were here. They said the building was broken into and they really didn’t say too much about it. They just said that every floor was vandalized and that maybe we should close down,” said Decker.

Police confirm calls came in around 6:30 Monday morning. They say mischievous behavior happened sometime between 10 p.m. Saturday and sometime Sunday morning.  One of the floors affected by the break-in was City Hall, as well as the mayor’s office.

“[There is] no property that’s missing, we found no files accessed. Many of the offices and City Hall were not accessed. The mayor’s suite, the finance office, the comptroller, IT, personnel, purchasing, assessor; none of those offices were accessed and the areas that were accessed, we didn’t find anything missing,” said Troy Mayor Patrick Madden.

It is unclear how many individuals were involved, how they made their way in and how much damage was caused. But one thing is clear, the vandals they left their mark.

“A mess really. Some of the floors is just a mess. It’s not that anything was broken or damaged or anything like that. I don’t know if it’s [a] they or if it’s one person at this point,” said Chief of Police Daniel DeWolf.

DeWolf says it appears the only things that were stolen were some laptops from one of the floors.

Business is expected to get back to normal on Tuesday.

The investigation is ongoing. Police are asking that anyone who may have seen anything or knows something about the break-in to call the Troy police department.