ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week on Empire State Weekly, some have called the current influx of migrants from the southern border to New York City a crisis. City Mayor Eric Adams has proposed sending new migrants to counties outside the city, claiming they are at Capacity.

Cianna Freeman-Tolbert, an immigration law expert with Whiteman Osterman & Hanna, explained that the current migrant housing situation is one of several “short term problems.” She explained the migrants have the legal right to apply for asylum and are waiting for court dates to make their argument before a judge.

“because most of the individuals that come from the boarder, they were released form the federal government and so now they have court dates and they’re waiting to apply for their work permits so they can work and then they can buy their own housing.”

Also this week, leaders in the state’s liquor industry say current regulations need an overhaul. Last year, the state convened a commission to study the Alcoholic Beverage Control law and make recommendations regarding changes.

Paul Zuber, the Executive Vice President of the State’s Business Council, took part in that commission and explained some elements of the law date back to the aftermath of prohibition. He explained that the commission recommended changes to 18 of 28 policies on the books because the law does not fit current circumstances.

“so its a completely different world now and I think we really have to look at these laws because many of them will actually create economic development opportunities if we fix them,” said Zuber.

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