The Midway Fire Department is no stranger to offering community events. For the fire station, it’s all about connecting with the community and increasing community engagement.

The Midway Fire Department hosted its One-stop Holiday Shopping with Santa and Midway Elves event Sunday afternoon. The event was something Fire Chief Eric Obermayer says allows the community to not just think of the fire department when it comes to emergencies.

“When does the public see the fire department? A lot of times it’s in a time of need,” Chief Obermayer said. “So we wanna try to open up our fire station, so it’s a relaxing, peaceful event. We also try to see if we can do some recruitment. Here we are, see what we do… We serve the community more than just in an emergency.”

Jen Nettleton says that she always loves coming to any of the midway fire department community events.

“We love doing the Easter Egg Hunt-which is awesome for the kids, we participated in October for Halloween. They do Trunk or Treat,” she said. “It’s just great events for the community and we love participating.”

But this time it was all about Santa and creating a festive holiday experience- while also raising money for the fire station along with other community organizations. Jennifer Cass represents the Fire Police, and she just loves getting the chance to actually meet with the community. 

“It helps us connect with our community, it helps us to see our neighbors, and it helps us to do all these different things,” she said. “Raise some money for the firehouse, and just to see everybody for the holiday season.”

The fire department tries its best to create an event every month, but for now, they want to make sure that everyone has a festive and safe holiday season.