ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Microsoft Teams has become a staple for many workplaces, and now people can start using the app for personal use. The personal version launched this week and allows users to chat, video call, share calendars and more with friends and family.

Microsoft says users will be able to group chat to coordinate plans with loved ones and do it all in one place. It’s popular because it integrates with Microsoft Office.

The personal and business versions both have a new Together mode. Microsoft says this allows users to turn any video call into a shared virtual environment.

Scott Schaffer, with Blade Technologies, says it uses artificial intelligence to put a person’s face and shoulders into a virtual space.

Microsoft Teams can also be used to host meetings with up to 300 people that can last up to 24 hours. There are plans to enforce new limits in the future.

Microsoft also touts that Teams will go beyond chat and bring its users plans to life, easily allowing them to create lists and assign tasks with the app.

Schaffer says Teams can easily be downloaded on many operating systems. He said it is also on the web, so it doesn’t have to be downloaded it at all — users just need access to the internet.