SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With the November general election just days away, News10 is speaking with some of the candidates for office. Among the races for Congress and state offices, is a contest for Saratoga County District Attorney.

Michael Phillips is trying to unset the current D.A. Karen Heggen. He is running as a democrat and independent under the title Justice and Public Safety.

Phillips said the homeless issue in Saratoga Springs is one of his top priorities. He believes there could be solutions as long as everyone works together.

“We’re obviously dealing with a mental health issue here,” said Phillips. He adds, “there are tremendous resources in law enforcement, there are creative people there.”

Phillips said the solutions will come with the correct leadership and an active district attorney, which he claims he intends to do.

Phillips sat down with News10 to discuss other issues facing Saratoga County.