QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Students and parents at Queensbury High School are horrified over what they say was a prank gone wrong.

It’s a photo that’s gone viral on social media in Queensbury: mice, in the halls of the senior high school, some of them crushed by students after they were let loose right in the middle of passing time.

“I think it was a situation where you had panicked mice panicked students, and unfortunately, some of the mice were trampled,” Principal Damian Switzer said.

Parents and students expressed their outrage on social media by condemning the act and wondering who could be so cruel to such small and helpless animals.

Switzer says one senior class member is responsible.

“I don’t think it’s fair to couch it as indicative of the senior class, it appears to be the behavior of one student,” he said.

As part of the school’s confidentiality policy, the name of the student responsible isn’t being released, but Switzer wants to assure everyone, the person who did it will face a number of consequences.

“Community service can be a part of it some of it is a written reflection sometimes we require apology letters sometimes we require research papers. We may ask the student to research the topic of cruelty to animals to learn from it and the implications of that behavior and that decision. He has expressed remorse and had been in with his family so I think we’re on the right track toward the reflection piece and finally understanding the fallout from this poor decision.”

Switzer says that the incident was brought to the attention of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. For now, it appears it will remain in the hands of the school district.

The district says the student was suspended on Tuesday and will be suspended until the next steps of the disciplinary process.

As for the surviving mice, there is some good news to report. Switzer says some of them were rescued and taken home as pets.