TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The horrific murders of four people continues to touch the Capital Region and beyond, as a memorial was held Saturday to honor three of them.

It was an outpouring of support at Troy Middle School for the three victims of the Myers family who were brutally killed 2 weeks ago. Cameras weren’t allowed inside, but the auditorium it was full and filled with love.”

“We all doing better than we was doing last week, almost a week and a half ago, and we’re all coming together as one,” said Khalif Coleman, Shanta Myer’s nephew.

Khalif Coleman and the rest of his family are still in pain, but they’re getting by because their community is rallying behind them.

“We thought our family was breaking at first. Then from this, it collided and made us all whole again,” Coleman said.

It’s not just those in Troy, but people across the country are lending their support after Shanise Myers, her brother Jeremiah known as JJ, their mother Shanta and her girlfriend Brandi Mells were murdered in their basement apartment just before Christmas.

The large turnout at Saturday’s memorial, just a sample of the love they’ve received.

“This definitely is something that grips the community,” said Brenden Bell, a family friend.

Brenden Bell didn’t even know the victims, but felt a connection to what happened.

“We can all relate to any heartbreaking tragedy like this,” Bell said.

Coming together is just what this community does in times of need.

“We are a family altogether in Troy, we all hold each other down,” said Jose Cepeda, a family friend.

Those that knew the victims are trying to keep their memories alive, like JJ, who dreamed of being in the NBA.

“I remember the first time I seen him play, he was so tiny, but he was so good,” said Davin Bookman, who knew JJ.

“I’ll miss him and I’ll still think about him every day and the jokes he used to tell me and how he used to make me smile,” said Jamani White, who went to school with JJ.

Shanta who loved to cook, as shared at the memorial, where also local clergy prayed and a choir sang music that uplifted the whole auditorium.

“It took a lot of weight off my shoulders just hearing them choir sing, hearing that beautiful voice in my heart, just touched me. It touched all of us,” Coleman said.

The memorial service was a boost to the spirits, to keep living and never forget their loved ones gone too soon.

“I’m hurting but I’m going to get better, that’s it. I have everybody in this community standing behind me so what’s the point of hurting when you’ve got people to help you,” Coleman said.

A memorial for Brandi Mells will be held at a later date.