NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On the corner of a quiet New Orleans street in the aftermath of Ida there are fences down, roofs are damaged, garbage bags are piling up, but there’s something sending shock waves through the neighborhood – a dead alligator in a dumpster.

“There’s a gator in the garbage,” said Naomi Gadinsky, who lives on Perrier Street.

She went on to say, “This morning I woke up and it was business as usual, then my husband said there’s a large dead gator in the dumpster across the street from our house.”

Gadinsky is baffled as to how the gator got in the garbage. She wonders if the gator was roaming the streets and someone shot and killed it, or did someone have it from a fishing trip and then disposed of it in the dumpster?

“Normally this is a gator-free zone, so this is pretty gross,” she said.

She’d like it to be removed.

“To me it seems hazardous,” she said. “I would hate for someone’s kid to get sick or someone’s dog to start eating the dead tail.”

“I think it should be removed from the dumpster,” said resident Alexis Elliott. “It is attracting a lot of bugs. I never thought there would be a gator in (a) dumpster. Only in New Orleans.”

Demo Diva is the one that rented out the dumpster, and the owner said they were unaware of the gator, but it will be taken to the landfill with all the other garbage and debris in the dumpster.