SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — The state’s education department is encouraging school districts to restrict or ban cellphone use in schools. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley said there is no mandate at this time.

Some schools here in western Massachusetts have implemented measures to mitigate phones in the classroom. According to a spokesperson for Springfield Public Schools, Central High School started a pilot program this year where cell phones were not accessible to students during the school day.

Tajia Ramsey, a parent who also works in a Springfield after school program thinks, “Phones are a big distraction, we allow kids here to have phones, we give them time frames where they are able to use them, but once its not free play no more, its time to put it away, you need to engage, and its time to interact, listen and focus.”

Riley said that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will continue piloting more restriction policies in schools.