BERKSHIRE CO, MA (NEWS10)-There’s a lot of conversation about how to ramp up security in the midst of continual mass shootings. The president of a special glass company in Pittsfield, Massachusetts believes they are helping to save lives in businesses and schools.

News10’s Anya Tucker met Chris Kapiloff, president of School Guard Glass, at a Berkshire County gun range where he showed how his company’s glass can withstand dozens of bullet holes from an AR-15 and then repeated whacks from a baseball bat and sledgehammer and not give way.

“This is not meant to be bulletproof,” said Kapiloff. But he says the glass will make it virtually impossible for a shooter to get through the windows and doors with windows, even after it’s been battered by weapons.

It’s a product that is being used to help buy precious time in the event of an active shooter situation.
It may come as no surprise that most of their clients are School districts.

“What we always suggest to schools is that this glass goes in every classroom door,” Kapiloff says that’s because the shooter may already be inside the building. “Each of the classrooms in essence becomes its own saferoom in the school,” he added.

Anya asked Kapiloff if he feels his product is saving lives. “We know our product has totally saved lives,” answered Kapiloff.

He says their windows held firm at an Arizona school when a subject tried unsuccessfully to gain access through a window with a cinder block. He told Anya that the cinder block ended up breaking apart.

He also pointed to photos: One of the bullet holes in the glass entryway of a gun shop in Kansas City.
Another shows bullet holes in the glass door of a retail store in Maryland. He says in both cases, the shooters were unable to make entry.

As an Army veteran, Kapiloff knows the power of firearms and what they do. He feels that his company is one piece of the puzzle in protecting the public.

“It’s terrible that we live in a world where these things happen. But we are proud to be part of the solution,” he said.

Kapiloff says School Guard Glass windows were installed at the new Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as Columbine Middle School and in Parkland Florida. He says it is something the schools have already made public, so he is able to talk about those locations. He also says dozens of districts in New York’s Capital Region have also installed their windows to increase security.