SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Over 40 deaths are being blamed on Ida after the remnants of the storm hammered the northeast late Wednesday into Thursday. 

Some say that Western Massachusetts was lucky to only see moderate flooding. Things are back to normal, flooding has receded, and even puddles mostly disappeared

  • Flooding in Forest Park.

Ponds overflowed, submerging boardwalks and the road, but by the evening, it was all dried up. “I’m fortunate and lots of others didn’t go so well,” said Jim Munroe of Springfield. “I have a friend in Manhattan who sent me a video of her toilet and it was gushing up and all over her apartment.” 

Westfield also saw flooding; Loomis Street was underwater at one point. “It looks like the riverbanks are going to erode away, there’s so much water, the whole gully is filled up,” said Chad Sico of Westfield. 

Luckily, the water level there did go down, but the bridge on the street remained closed due to high water levels.