NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — A cat owner and apparent animal hoarder surrendered a grand total of 52 cats to an animal shelter in Western Massachusetts this week.

According to Second Chance Animal Services, a nonprofit animal welfare organization, the man had to leave his home and couldn’t take his cats with him. Second Chance said that the cat owner truly loved pets and asked them for help. Second Chance took the cats in and will find new homes.

“He loved them all, but could not take them with him.”

“It’s the perfect example of how the best of intentions can go awry,” said Second Chance CEO Sheryl Blancato. “People take in strays or pets from others who cannot keep their pets. It’s a situation that can quickly get out of control.”

It took two vehicles to take the cats to Second Chance, where they are examined, vaccinated, spayed, or neutered, and further medical care if needed.

“There are five expectant moms in the group who will be placed with some of our fosters. A few have serious eye issues, and some will need dental or other surgery before they are ready for adoption. Six tiny kittens are fighting upper respiratory illness who may also need to spend time with our fosters until they get a little bigger,” said shelter veterinarian Dr. Jackie Celmer.

Second Chance CEO Sheryl Blancato says the cost to provide veterinary care for all the cats may exceed $25,000. The nonprofit is asking for the public’s help in donations. They can be made online at, through the Second Chance Facebook page, or checks or money orders can be mailed to them at 111 Young Road, East Brookfield, MA 01550.

Second Chance has a confidentiality policy and could not release the exact location of the pet hoarder’s home. They said the cats came from a town on the border of Hampden and Worcester Counties