BOSTON (WWLP/AP) — The Baker Administration debuted a new program to help employers get their workforces COVID vaccinated in Massachusetts. It goes live Monday, May 17.

Employers can take part in the new Employer Vaccination Program, in two ways. First, group appointments will be available at mass vaccination sites starting Monday. Businesses can request a block of appointments at any of the seven mass vaccination sites. Blocks must be a minimum of 10 appointments. There is no maximum limit and they are available seven days a week until June 30.

Registration requires demographic information. Insurance and identification are not required at the time of registration or appointment if not available. Employers can set up a table at the site to have an onsite presence for employees which can be coordinated with the site operator. Most vaccination appointments take less than 30 minutes, including the 15-minute observation period.

The second option is a mobile, on-site vaccination clinic. This is limited to businesses with 35 or more employees who will get the vaccine. A vaccine provider will come to your businesses to vaccinate employees and return three to four weeks later for second doses.

Employers in communities with vaccination rates below the state average will be prioritized. On-site clinics are also available starting Monday. Businesses must have adequate space for the mobile clinic on property.