DELANSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The fire that devastated a Delanson farm continues to impact the family who lives and works there. As they clean up, they are running into obstacles, making the recovery process more difficult.

“I have no idea what to do. Don’t even know where to start,” said Bob Chandler, who co-owns Mariaville Farm with his wife, Christine. Bob said he used to be a builder, but even this project is daunting to him.

“I just feel kind of like, lost right now, and a little bit helpless,” Christine added.

The March 25th fire killed over 200 chickens, 4 sows, 8 adolescent pigs, and all the baby pigs. The Chandlers can’t rebuild until they finish cleaning up the mess left behind, but that’s taking a while on top of the normal daily farm tasks, and continued suffering. One of the remaining pigs that was injured died Wednesday morning.

“Maybe the burns were too painful. There’s nothing that we could’ve done for him except keep him comfortable,” Christine explained, “but it hit me hard.”

The remaining pigs have someplace to stay now after their original barn was destroyed. Gates leftover from the fire welded together inside a storage container will be okay for springtime, but by summer, they’ll need something more permanent.

To add to the chaos, late Tuesday night a stranger knocked on the Chandlers’ door to let them know their cows got out and were walking up the road. They had knocked down the temporary gate that was put up after the fire. The cows came back home, but still seemed to want out on Wednesday.

“I think they’re stressed out, too. I think this has affected them how it affects us. Everything is so different. You know, they don’t understand,” Christine said.

The Chandlers say they’re grateful for the dozens of volunteers helping them cleanup, the donation collections, and the random checks in the mail, but with their insurance only covering $80,000 to rebuild the barn, they remain concerned about getting things back to normal.

“We set the GoFundMe up for $50,000. We probably should’ve set it for more, because it’s going to probably cost over $200,000 to rebuild with the way prices are right now,” Christine said.

In the wake of the fire, they were hoping for some more foot traffic to their store on Route 7, “For The Love of Bacon.” The community’s been showing up.

“It’s been wonderful. The store’s been bombarded with people coming in,” she said.

The Chandlers are encouraging drivers to slow down near the farm on Duanesburg Churches Road because the animals are stressed.