SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Deon Lawrence, 44, was sentenced on Thursday for reportedly pleading guilty to three felonies, two county of Failure to Register or Verify as a Sex Offender, and one count of Perjury in the First Degree.

The Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office said the charges stem from Lawrence’s twice failure to notify the Schenectady Police Department or the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services of a change of address within ten days and then appeared before a Schenectady County Grand Jury and lied about material facts that pertained to his failure to register as a sex offender.

The DA’s Office said Lawrence is a Level 2 Sex Offender who received an aggregate indeterminate prison sentence of three to six years in state prison from Schenectady County Court Judge Matthew Sypniewski at his sentencing date.

This means that Lawrence will spend the next six years either in prison or under the supervision of parole. After serving his sentence Lawerence will reportedly continue to be required to register and verify as a sex offender for the remainder of his life.

The investigation into Lawrence’s failure to register or verify as a sex offender was conducted by Det. Derek Sherman, of the Schenectady Police Department’s Youth Aid Bureau. On July 26, 2019 Lawrence reportedly appeared before a Schenectady County Grand Jury and made false statements about his knowledge of his requirements to register as a sex offender for life in an effort to avoid blame for failing to register.

The DA’s office said based on Lawrence’s false testimony, he was then indicted for Perjury in the First Degree, for swearing falsely about information related to an ongoing Grand Jury Investigation. This conviction is reportedly Lawrence’s fifth conviction for failing to register as a sex offender.