RENSSELAER, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  Officials say there was a “massive breakdown in communication” and that led to the release of a suspect who went on to commit another crime. NEWS10 has been tracking the alleged criminal history and chain of custody for Carlos Corrales-Ramirez. 

The 20-year-old was arrested in Troy on Saturday in connection to a stabbing homicide.

His criminal history spans more than six months and two states and started with the suspect  linked to an assault at a 7-Eleven in Laurel, M.D. back in February. The Laurel Police Department issued a wanted poster for Corrales-Ramirez on February 21 in connection with a stabbing there.

A spokesperson for the Laurel Police Department in Maryland said they did not arrest Corrales-Ramirez, he had been evading police.

In March, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) apprehended Corrales-Ramirez in Champlain, N.Y. – near the Canadian border – on suspicion that he was undocumented.

During processing CBP found an extraditable warrant for Corrales-Ramirez from Maryland. Border Patrol then turned custody over to the New York State Police. 

The suspect was arraigned in the Town of Champlain Court on March 16. Corrales-Ramirez was also arraigned by New York State Police as a fugitive from justice, from the state of Maryland, on March 22 in Clinton County Court.

He was held in custody at a local jail by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, pending his extradition to Maryland. But questions remain as to what happened between March and the September 2 homicide in Troy. 

Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin held a press conference with local officials on Wednesday and wants one question answered.

“Why was this criminal not extradited out of the state of New York back to Maryland? Because if he had done so, a person would be alive today,” said McLaughlin. 

According to a spokesperson for the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, Judge William Favreau remanded him for a 30 day period, in accordance with New York State criminal law, while they were awaiting a Governor’s warrant from Maryland.

Favreau issued an extension and held Corrales-Ramirez for an additional 60 days but the demanding state, Maryland, failed to obtain a Governor’s Warrant – therefore the suspect was released, the Clinton County Sheriff’s spokesperson said.

After 90 days in detention Corrales-Ramirez was released, per the judge’s order, on June 22. 

A spokesperson for the Laurel Police Department in Maryland said the department had made repeated requests with the Office of the State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County –  in accordance with Maryland’s state law – to extradite him.

The Office of the State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County in Maryland did not respond to NEWS10’s inquiries into the case. 

Joining McLaughlin at the press conference was Rensselaer County District Attorney Mary Pat Donnelly.

“Everything I know in speaking with Clinton County is that the process was followed to a T. He was detained as required under the law. The extensions were put in place. Maryland basically didn’t show up,” said Donnelly.

Donelly said the suspect will be charged in Rensselaer County.