CHICAGO, I.L. (NEWS10) – Predicting things to happen is one thing, but having that prediction come true is a whole new level.

Chicago Cubs fan Michael Lee predicted the Cubs to win the 2016 World Series in his 1993 yearbook picture where it says “Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first.

The yearbook photo went viral after the Cubs made it to the World Series for the first time since 1945.

Lee said that the prediction came to him in a dream where he saw a championship sign on the Wrigley Field sign.

Once the 108-year drought was ended, Lee said his phone practically broke because so many people were calling to congratulate him.

Lee is marketing a line of T-shirts featuring his now-famous yearbook photo and the phrase “You Heard It Here First”

He says he plans to donate proceeds to charities that focus on stomping out bullying.