MALTA, N.Y. (NEWS10) -A new trooper barracks has been proposed on Dunning Street in Malta to replace their current location on Route 9. But some residents of Luther Forest say they are outraged over the plans’ impact on the neighborhood.

In a letter to State Police Troop G, chair of Save Luther Forest, Mark Janey, says the relocation plan was originally from 2021 by members of the Malta Town Board. Once the community was made aware, they worked to put a stop to the plans.

“The town council gave this parcel to the state police for a dollar. There was no input from the residents, there was no ballot measure referendum,” said committee member of Save Luther Forest, Amyjean Robbins.

Robbins says the project is too large to let happen without considering the residents. “The proposal currently is a 6,000 square foot building, and accompanying parking for 30 plus vehicles that operate 24/7,” explained Robbins.

Robbins explains the amount of foot traffic and range of residents in the area is not meant for the hustle and bustle of a police barracks. “Besides the aesthetic and loss of Luther Forest, it’s an inappropriate location. We have safety concerns. We have a local school bus stop adjacent to the site,” described Robbins.

Residents of the Fox Wander West Home Owners Association have already shown their support of Save Luther Forest, handing out flyers door to door. “We have an online petition as well as paper petitions. We’ve got over 500 signatures, from most of the 500 households that live in the HOA,” stated Robbins.

State Police Troop G has been reached out to for comment on the situation and have not yet replied. For now, they will continue to operate from their Route 9 location.