ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul Wednesday addressed the people of New York for the first time since Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday.

The Lt. Gov. started by thanking Gov. Cuomo and said she had spoken with him recently regarding the transition saying it is in the best interest of the state that Gov. Cuomo steps down. She assured New Yorkers that she is prepared to assume her role as the 57th Governor of New York.

Lt. Gov. Hochul, who will be the state’s first female governor, said she will continue to meet with state officials during the two week transition period leading up to her officially taking over as the next governor as well as building out her cabinet when in office.

“People will soon learn that my style is to listen first, then take decisive action, said Lt. Gov. Hochul. She said she will deliver an address to New York once in office laying out her vision for the state promising to, “fight like hell,” for everyone.

The lieutenant governor also briefly addressed the recent delta variant of the coronavirus that has spread and made headlines saying that the key to beating the virus is by helping everyone get vaccinated.

During the address, Lt. Gov. Hochul said she has a busy schedule, meeting with a variety of people in order to assure a smooth transition takes place over the next two weeks.

One point the Lt. Gov. was clear to make when asked by reporters regarding the current controversy surrounding Gov. Cuomo is that no one will ever describe her administration as a toxic work environment.

In addition, Lt. Gov. Hochul addressed the pending investigations and potential impeachment related to Gov. Cuomo saying simply that she was not aware of the allegations made against him at the time, but that the Attorney General’s report stands on its own.

It was also addressed that her administration will be fully transparent when asked a question about the nursing home scandal and that she will continue to push progressive policies in order to build trust with the people of New York.

Lt. Gov. Hochul finished the address by saying her pick for the next Lt. Gov. will be announced within the next two weeks, listing diversity as an important factor in her choice.