GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A fifth grader’s desire to help those battling breast cancer has become the mission of his entire community.

Counting pennies one by one, spare change that will change the lives of cancer patients for the better.

“It feels really good since I know I’m helping people and my friends and family are helping people too,” Jack Sweet, creator of Pennies for Pink, said.

In second grade, Sweet’s grandfather was diagnosed with breast cancer. Soon after, Pennies for Pink was born and Jack began collecting change, giving it to cancer patients in the form of gas cards.

His classmates are eager to help.

“I know how hard it was for Jack, so it’s good to know that we’re helping people,” Kieran Templeton, 5th-grade student, said.

The first year, Pennies for Pink brought in $400 dollars. Last year, that amount rose to more than $2,000 thanks to growing support from the community.

“Everyone should help everybody else because you don’t know when you’ll be in the same shoes that other people are in,” Gabrielle Houde, 5th-grade student, said.

The entire district pitching in, kids collecting change during lunch, taking in contributions from across the area. They’re sorting it out, and counting every last penny, knowing even one cent and one student can make a difference.

“Anybody can do anything, it matters how big your heart is, not how tall you are or your age,” Houde said.

Jack and his friends prove that right pledging to keep Pennies for Pink alive, with each new grade they enter and beyond.

“Once I get into high school, I’ll try to get the high school into it, but I want this to go on even when I’m not here,” Sweet said.

All the pennies from all the different schools will be gathered together, counted up, and donated on Friday.

The last day of collection is Friday. To donate send a check made out to CR Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital or click here to make a donation.