ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This week on Empire State Weekly: 2022 was an active year for state politics as lawmakers looked to navigate the state’s most significant issues.

Capitol Correspondent Amal Tlagie spoke on her experience covering the significant issues at the capitol in 2022. She explained that big issues like public safety and bail reform took center stage during this year’s governor’s race. While Kathy Hochul ultimately won, becoming the first woman to be elected to the Office of Governor, the race was much closer than many anticipated due to the importance of those issues.

Also, this week, after a year that saw the economy go through ups and downs, there may be some hope in the new year. America’s treasury secretary Janet Yellen predicted inflation will be much lower by year’s end in 2023. Kajal Lahiri, professor of economics at SUNY Albany, explained that the new year would likely see a “mild recession” as a “necessary evil” to bring down the high inflation rate.

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