ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)— It may be a year away, but already people are turning their sights towards the big races of 2024.

“Next year will be a very busy year for elections in New York State,” explained Kathleen McGrath, New York State Board of Elections Director of Public Information. “We will actually have three, between the presidential primary in April, the state and local primary in June, and then the general election next November.”

A recent New York Times and Siena College Poll found that if Joe Biden and Donald Trump go head-to-head once again with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. running as an Independent, it would be a very close presidential race.

The poll showed Trump with 35%, Biden with 33%, and Kennedy getting 24% of the vote.

“We took a look at six battleground states, all of which were won by President Joe Biden in the 2020 election,” said Don Levy, Director of Siena College Research Institute. “At this point in time, what we found is that five out of the six states would go for former President Trump over Biden. Biden is only leading by a scant 2-2.5 points in Wisconsin.”

59% of voters say Trump would do a better job with the economy than Biden. When it comes to abortion, 49% think Biden would do a better job. The issue of democracy has voters almost split, 48-45, with 3% more siding with Biden.

While presidential election years typically get more voter turn out, casting ballots in local races are important too.

“Local Elections are one of the most important elections to vote in,” said Erica Smitka, Deputy Director of League of Women Voters. “These are the elections that really have the greatest impact on your day to day life.”

McGrath shared this year’s unofficial early voting numbers.

“For the nine days of early voting, almost 400,000 came and early voted during those nine days,” said McGrath. “We will have a bunch of turnout today on Election Day and we will see after that.”