VOORHEESVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – a WWII veteran from Voorheesville turned 99-years-old this month. Today, friends, family, and first responders showed their support and love for Ken Bailey.

Drive-by parades are the new trend to celebrate birthdays during this pandemic. 99-year-old veteran Ken Bailey had no idea how many people would come out in the snow to say happy birthday to a true American hero. “He’s an amazing person — so we knew we had to come out and do something for him,” says Ken’s friend Don Miller.

“I just thought she was coming to see me this morning and what a surprise to see all these people and I don’t know how many cars. I hope somebody counted them all,” says Ken.

Ken has seen a lot when he fought in France and Germany during WWII. He remembers the war days vividly. “His memory is sharper than any of us here,” says Miller. Ken landed on Utah Beach six days after D-Day in 1944. He fought in the Battle of The Bulge, and was awarded with a Bronze Star medal.

Ken’s birthday was last Tuesday but the festivities haven’t stopped. He’s expecting celebrate more birthdays as years come. “I renewed my driver’s license and it runs out when I am 106-years-old, so I was thinking about renewing it again,” Ken says.

Happy 99th birthday Ken!