Local woman speaks out after exposing identities of KKK members


GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local woman is speaking out after she exposed the identities of Ku Klux Klan members living in her community.

Some in the Gloversville community say they’ve unmasked the four people claiming to be members of the KKK. One local mother says she is being targeted because of it.

“Pictures don’t lie, they really don’t,” Nicole Martish said.

To Martish, there is no question about the identities of four KKK members in her community.

Exposing them, she says, has made her family a target.

“They’re posting pictures of my kids all over the internet saying they are going to use them as human speed bumps.”

Gloversville police say they have not had any KKK related incidents since recruitment flyers showed up in the area.

Those flyers first appeared in Fulton and Montgomery County back in February.

At the time, the man responsible told Fort Plain Police that he “just wanted to stir the pot.”

“They [local KKK members] are claiming there are 200 of them in Fulton County,” Martish said.

She says she doesn’t believe them.

“Even if there are just five, five of them can do something.”

The city says there is no evidence of any real danger, but Martish says she isn’t the only one being targeted.

As the community holds peace rallies, Martish is sending a message that fear will not define her.

“As a community, we need to stick together and stand together and make something happen.”

Mayor Dayton King has said hate is not tolerated here and is working on a race relations forum in the city.

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