SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Located on Rt. 50, you’ll find an empty plot of land and a sign detailing the future home of the “Legacy Project.”

Organized by the Capital Region Veterans Memorial, it will be a one-stop-shop for veterans in the area with memorials for different wars, an amphitheater, café, library and veterans museum — with some items already donated by local families.

“We can honor all veterans, those that have their lives for our country and those that are here today with their families and that is the nexus of the project so here we are today,” Larry Zeglan, Vice President of the “Legacy Project,” said. “Six years later, with six acres of land, a home that we can build from and we are thrilled.” 

The six-acre plot of land and uninhabited home were donated by the Town of Glenville. Organizers Mary Brandt and Zeglen said the donation brings them one step closer to providing a much needed service in the Capital Region.

“Over the years, all of us have met veterans who are still living in the shadows, need a place to go, someone to talk to and explain their situation, how they feel and this will be that opportunity,” Zeglan said.

The development will also feature walking trails and an IT center; anything area veterans could need to find a sense of community and any help they need. People of all ages will be able to see the finished project and learn about the history of local veterans, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

“Our long range goal is to support field trips, bring the children in and walk them around the memorials,” Mary Brandt, President of the “Legacy Project,” said. “There will be a pedestal element on each major conflict to explain what that conflict was all about.”

To donate, volunteer or learn more about the “Legacy Project,” visit the Capital Region Veterans Memorial website.