ADAMS, Mass. (NEWS10) — The Town of Adams was struck by cupid on Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of paper hearts are taped on local businesses, churches, the fire department, police department, and town hall. But, who is spreading this love? That’s still a mystery!

Joseph Martin is an employee at Racing Mart on Columbia St. He was blown away by all the hearts he saw on his way to work this afternoon. “This is awesome…this is totally awesome! I closed here last night and I drove down Park St. and there was nothing. So, it had to been a group of people because no way one person could do all of this,” says Joseph.

Joseph wasn’t the only one who took a stroll through town to see all of the hearts. “I took a ride through town this afternoon and saw other places with hearts all over everything, so I thought that was kind of neat. I don’t know who’s responsible for it, but it was a good thing to do,” says Cheshire resident Bob Blair.

“It put a smile on my face. Adams needed that, and the whole world needs to be like this,” says Joseph. The hearts came in all different sizes. Some even had cute messages on them, like #ADAMSLOVE. “That made me feel fabulous that people cared enough to come out and express their affection for the town and the businesses in the town,” says Adams resident William Riley.

“This last year has been horrendous. A lot of people need boost, and I think this helped give a boost. and I don’t care if it was somebody inconspicuous or not, it doesn’t matter. Somebody did something nice, and that’s a good thing,” says Bob.

It’s still a mystery to know the people behind this kind gesture. When Joesph looked back at security camera footage, he didn’t see a soul in sight. “Whoever did this, I want to thank them! I hope they don’t do it just for Valentine’s Day. It would be great to do it every holiday,” says Joseph.

Although the hearts are only held up by pieces of tape, residents hope they will stay up for several days.