NEW YORK (NEWS10) — With Memorial Day just a few days away, it is a time to honor all the men and women who died serving our country.

For one local author, she is looking to make an impact on the youth through her words about the American flag.

Written by local substitute teacher, Elizabeth Tesoriero, her new published book is titled, “When You Stand For Me, I’m Alive: A Story Told by the American Flag” and it is all about the American flag and why we honor it.

It was inspired by her grandfather, John Marcil, who was one of the oldest World War II veterans in Albany County at the age of 96. She says the book is intended for early elementary students. The colorful illustrations making the flag come alive.

“It really shows the children how important it is to look at that flag and not just look at like a piece of fabric hanging in the classroom but to look at it and see that there’s meaning behind it, and that’s what the book really does. It illustrates with the beautiful pictures Stephanie put in as well as my words to these students with pre-history and talking about these great men and women who lost their lives,” said author Elizabeth Tesoriero.

Proceeds from purchases over the weekend will be donated to “Wreaths Across America,” a national organization that makes wreaths and places them on the graves of every veteran. For their local branch in Saratoga, wreaths will go to the Saratoga National Cemetery.

To purchase the book, click here.