NORTH GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Kids above the age of 5 are now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Thousands of people have already signed their child up to get the shot as soon as it gets here.

Around 60 kids at the Robert C. Parker School in North Greenbush were preparing to get their first dose of the vaccine on Thursday. The school was one of the first in the Capital Region to offer a clinic for students 5-11.

Young’s Pharmacy in Averill Park partnered with the school to put on the first clinic. However, a delivery delay put a halt to that.

Emmett Hartman a sixth-grader at Robert C. Parker School is looking forward to getting his Pfizer vaccine. He says it’s one step closer to normalcy.

“What I’m missing most is everyone’s actual faces because you know with the masks I can’t see smiles. I know we have to learn to kind of smile with our eyes,” said Emmett Hartman. 

Emmett Hartman and his sister Meryl are now eligible to get their shots. Emmett says he is not worried about the pain.

“I’m fine with it I have allergy shots regularly and they hurt a lot,” said he.  

Andrea Hartman is the Director of Communications at Robert C. Parker School. She also has two kids who go to school there. She believes getting them vaccinated is the light at the end of the tunnel.

“We’re still only doing outdoor play dates, we don’t go to restaurants, and we don’t do a lot outside of school and home. We are really hoping this is our mark or return to what used to be normal life,” said she.

Parents at the school were asked to fill out a survey if they would be interested in having their kids vaccinated. Jennifer Gresens, Head of School at Robert C. Park says they had an overwhelmingly positive response.

“We’ve been in school all year with no community spread in school and we have been able to be here learning on campus. We thought this was another way to really ensure that,” said Gresens.

Miller Young is the owner and head pharmacist at Young’s Pharmacy. He says the demand is there and he is answering it. 

“We only ordered the minimum quality which was 300 doses. I could tell you that within two phone calls 300 doses were out the door,” said Young.

The vaccine clinic that was supposed to be held on Thursday afternoon at Robert C. Parker School has been rescheduled for next week. Young’s Pharmacy says once they have a supply, they plan to do more clinics in the future with schools around the Capital Region.