SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some days he’s Schenectady’s own, Ben Bohl. Others? Well, he’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Crawling the streets and buildings of the Capital Region, he’s slinging his web from city to city. ​​The 20-year-old has always loved what Spider-Man stood for and now, he wants to do his part in Spidey fashion.

Stepping up to the superhero challenge, Bohl looks to make people smile. Adults, kids – it doesn’t matter, he says you’re never too old to be friends with a superhero.

Bohl has been spotted on top of buildings, rails, benches, upside down in the park – you name it, he’s been there to save the day.​

While it started with birthday parties, it’s turned into a lifestyle for Bohl. Though he can’t necesarrily do everything his character portray’s, spreading joy, kindness and positivity is the best superpower he could ask for.

“I’d love to have spider powers, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t so I have to work with what I have,” Bohl said. It’s very rewarding, because, it’s not the spider powers that make Spider-Man who he is, it’s the man part; always doing what’s right and spreading positivity.”

It’s a superpower everyone has, Bohl says you just have to tap into it. Behind the mask, he hopes his actions can spark someone to do something similar for the community, because making someone’s day is all worth it.

If you see the 518 Spider-Man, don’t be afraid to say, “Hi!”