NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Dozens gathered in Niskayuna at 4 a.m. Saturday morning to finish Liza’s Run: walking, running, or jogging 8.2 miles in honor of Eliza Fletcher. She was abducted and killed on a morning run on September 2, sending shockwaves to running communities everywhere.

A small memorial sat at the finish line and halfway point, providing a light for all the runners seeking to finish what Fletcher started. Other cities across New York also participated including Rochester and Syracuse.

Organizer Jamie Trumpler said she comes prepared when exercising, but adds she should not have to feel unsafe running and Fletcher’s death reminded her and others how important safety is. “Unless you are a female runner, you don’t know the things aside from ‘What am I going to wear, what am I going to eat,'” Trumpler said. “It’s ‘What am I going to carry, where am I going to look, how am I going to protect myself?”

Trumpler said what happened to Fletcher will not deter her and others in the Capital Region from doing what they love. “If I can run with friends absolutely, but there are times I run alone and I will continue to run alone because I shouldn’t have to be afraid to,” Trumpler said.