ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Logistics still need to be finalized for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the non-profit organization Equinox but a spokesperson said they plan on going back to the in-person meal. Despite challenges over the last three years, this year the organization is focused on the return of an in-person dinner. 

Outside of the First Presbyterian Church of Albany, on State Street near Washington Park,  Chief Development Officer for Equinox Christina Rajotte said they’re excited to get back to the church to eat Thanksgiving dinner together.

“We want to reassure the community that we are still here as a resource for the community for Thanksgiving meals. We are just shifting things and changing things up a little bit this year,” said Rajotte.

This year, Equinox is celebrating 54 years of serving the community and serving Thanksgiving meals, which they said will happen at the church the day before Thanksgiving.

“We all by nature want that human contact, that feeling of being a part of something and feeling compassion, people care, and that’s what it’s all about,” said Rajotte.

In addition to the in-person dinner, they plan on having two locations where people can pick up take-out meals but details aren’t finalized yet.

Rajotte said in order to attend the dinner people need to reserve a spot. The Thanksgiving hotline is not operating yet but they expect the line to be up and working by next week. Once it is operating, Equinox is asking individuals to call the Thanksgiving hotline at 518-434-0131 to make their reservations.

Although they are phasing out deliveries this year, Rajotte is confident other community partners will help fill in the gaps, which includes the American Legion in Cohoes where Leo Falconio is the commander.

“Hopefully we can support what is asked of us. We do work with the local church,” said Falconio. “That is part of what the American Legion is about is to support the community and that’s why we’re there Thanksgiving day and we want to make sure we support those who support us throughout the year and those that are in need.”

Rajotte said there’s not a set time for the dinner at the First Presbyterian Church of Albany on Wednesday November 22  just yet but anticipate the dinner will be hosted between 2:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. 

“It might sound corny, but it’s true the dinner is about nourishing the body, it’s food, it’s nutrition. It’s all of that but it’s more than that. It’s nourishing the soul,” said Rajotte.