Terry Brubaker was making a routine trip to pick up her daughter’s prescription at the Hannaford in Gloversville on Monday when she suddenly saw papers floating in the air.

“I didn’t realize it was money at first. I just saw everything floating in the air, so I stopped on the side of the road. And then I saw a $100 dollar bill,  another $100 bill, $50 bills, $20 bills, and I’m like wow, it’s a lot of money,” said Brubaker.

She pulled over and started picking up the money.

“I’m trying to dodge cars, going in getting the money, coming back out just standing on the side of the road,” she explained.

Then she said she went directly to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to turn it in. The woman who lost the money was there filing a report.

“You know, obviously, somebody lost a great amount of money and they had it for a purpose,” said Brubaker. 

Well, she was absolutely right. That woman was Kim Steenburg, the widow of Rich Steenburg, who was one of the 20 victims of the tragic limo crash in Schoharie. She was supposed to be in that limo, but she wasn’t feeling well and stayed home.

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It turns out, much of that $8,000 was going towards a week-long cruise to the Bahamas for what would have been a group honeymoon with her husband, his brother Axel, and his new wife Amy, who were also in the limo on that fateful October day. Instead, she’s going with her sisters and a few close friends, but says she brought along a few containers with their ashes.

“I brought them all; they’re in my purse. I know this sunshine is them giving me this big warm hug,” said Steenburg.

Steenburg said she had placed the money on the roof of her car before buckling her niece into her carseat and got distracted. She couldn’t say enough about how grateful she was for good people like Terri.

“She was from Mayfield, the same hometown that I’m from, so that right there explains why she turned it in,” said Steenburg.

Steenburg boarded the cruise ship on Wednesday and said the vacation will be bittersweet.